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Mexico: A land of unique flavours,
very close to our own Mediterranean tastes.

Not all Mexican recipes are spicy hot. Chilies are used to add a special taste and oomph to sauces. They are really used to provide depth of flavour rather than to make the food spicy hot. The finest ingredients used in Mexican cuisine are to be found in all La Costeña’s products: Authentic spicy salsas, tasty beans, hot peppers, tender cactus and other delicatessen products.

You can make wonderful, satisfying burritos, tacos, enchiladas and nachos with the flavour that takes your fancy.

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Try the sweet and sour flavours of Tex-Mex, with its fruit and meat, or spoon the ingredients onto thin, crispy tostadas or into taco shells for a light, tasty meal. Accompany it with a margarita, or simply, fresh lemonade.

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Here, you can find all the information you need on the products and the companies that produce them, as well as ideas and suggestions for recipes and for serving in the home and/or professional kitchens. And if you have ideas of your own to suggest , or if you would like more information, just let us know. Above all, experiment: Try, create and enjoy!

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